Introducing Medley Tournaments


We are excited announce a new tournament format - Medley!

We are excited to announce a new innovation to PlayStrategy - Medley tournaments! Medley tournaments are Swiss in nature, where each round uses a different game/variant. Medley's appear with the shield icon to distinguish them from other tournaments.

There are options for all users to create their own custom Medley tournaments featuring different sets of games. Do you just want to play a Medley of Chess variants, well you can! Do you want any game on PlayStrategy to potentially feature in your Swiss, well you can! You can even exclude that one game type that you enjoy the least. Please visit our Medley Page to find out more about how they operate.

PlayStrategy is running its first Medley tournament on Thursday 12th May 19:00 (UTC). This is an Introductory tournament, so the Intro Trophy is up for grabs here! We then also have a Chess variants Medley and a Draughts variants Medley the following day.

The Mind Sports Olympiad are running PlayStrategy, Chess, and Draughts Medleys as part of their ongoing Grand Prix competition. Register for free here, and remember physical and virtual medals are available for these tournaments! PlayStrategy is delighted to partner with the MSO for the Medley tournaments as they foster the spirit of cross-gaming, which is what the MSO is all about!