PerGioco Masters 2024


Compete in over 100 events across 50+ abstract games and become the PerGioco Masters Champion!

The PerGioco Masters 2024 starts soon and is a multi-game multi-platform tournament. It consists of a series of abstract game tournaments that take place in real time or turn-based throughout the year. We are excited to share that some of those tournaments are taking place on PlayStrategy!

Join the PerGioco Masters team and sign up to the tournaments today. More tournaments to be added throughout the year - to view the full schedule and read more about the PerGioco Masters 2024 visit their website at

All arena medley tournaments on PlayStrategy on Saturday for Chess and Draughts variants are valid for the PerGioco Masters multi-tournament.

Good luck competing and have fun playing games in 2024!

Current Open tournaments (updated 29/11/2023):