2024 Mochalunt Abstract Games League


World Championships of Abstract Games for National Teams

We are excited to share again that we are pairing with the Mochalunt Abstract games league and supporting their 2024 competition on PlayStrategy. A large number of games available on the site will be played as part of the tournament. Last year that included: Chess960, Othello, Xiangqi, Oware, Lines of Action, Shogi, Amazons, Frisian Draughts, International Draughts and Togyzqumalaq.

Registration is currently open for the 2024 Mochalunt Abstract Games League. It’s a great opportunity to learn new abstract games and meet players from all over the world. The 2023 event was won by Germany followed by Colombia and then England.

The format of the tournament consists of playing 4 different games each round, individually organised with a long/slow time control. Each player is part of a team and it's their overall score that determines how well they do.

For 2024, anyone can form a team and can register by December 18th (but individual players can join existing teams also later on). If you have any questions, please email

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