End of Year 2023 Medley Arena


A Medley Arena consisting of all the games on the site to celebrate the end of 2023

To celebrate the end of 2023, we are running a Medley Arena Tournament consisting of all the games available on PlayStrategy. Similar to last year there will be a unique trophy up for grabs, and PST-Greedy-Tom will be there to compete so there will always be an available player. The tournament starts at 12:00 UTC+0 on Friday 29th December and you will be able to come and go as you please, following the usual arena rules.

Other news

We are pleased that Monster Chess has been received well and has been played over 1000 times since release, that's about 74 games per day!

We have launched a new logo for the site, we hope you like the new design. There will be additional site design changes in 2024 to help PlayStrategy standout from other gaming sites, however we will always pay homage to Lichess to remind us where we came from!

We are aiming to support analysis and studies for more games on the site. All games except for Draughts and multi-action (Amazons, Monster Chess) will be supported in the short term. Don't worry we are aiming to support analysis and studies for all games in the future, but this will take a little longer for multi-action games and Draughts.

We have been working hard on adding Backgammon to the site, unfortunately this has taken longer than expected. We hope to add the base game (single point) in the early weeks of January and extend this to multi point games soon after.

We are also aiming to release two new clock types for all games available on the site, Bronstein and Simple Delay. The simple delay clock is typically used in backgammon and will be PlayStrategy's default for that game.

Finally, there are some bonus Yearly tournaments:

All at PlayStrategy wishes everyone seasonal greetings and a happy end of 2023. Here is to a great 2024!