Say hello to PlayStrategy at the UK Games Expo!


PlayStrategy have a stand and are running tournaments at the 2024 UK Games Expo

PlayStrategy will be at the 2024 UK Games Expo which takes place in Birmingham between Friday 31st May - Sunday 2nd June. Similar to previous years, PlayStrategy will have a stand at the UKGE on all days, where you can come and meet the team and play some games with us!

For more information about the event, and to buy tickets for the UKGE, please head over to their website.

PlayStrategy will be running tournaments throughout the weekend, and there will be prizes for players who win a tournament and can come to our stand to collect it. The tournaments will still be open to any user on PlayStrategy. These tournaments can be found by joining the dedicated UKGE PlayStrategy team here. A summary of our tournament schedule is as follows (times shown are UK, UTC +1):

Each tournament is a Medley Arena, which will include periods of different games. On the Friday and Sunday we have 'Classics Medley Arena' tournaments which will include: Chess, English Draughts, Lines of Action, Othello, Amazons, and Oware, Backgammon and Go. Meanwhile on the Saturday is a 'Chess Variants Arena' featuring 8 different variants on Chess.

Additionally, after the UKGE tournaments have all finished, we have the first Chessgammon Medley Shield. Following a trial run last month, we have added it to our regular shield schedule and it will be held on the first Sunday of every month at 16:00 UTC+0.

Finally, we have taken the decision to exclude Go 19x19 from future PlayStrategy Medley Shield tournaments due to the length it takes to play a single Go game on this board size. 9x9 and 13x13 are still available for the random selection.