"1st PlayStrategy Cup" Scheduling


Hello everyone!

After two weeks of registrations I am please to announce the players that are going to take part in the "1st PlayStrategy Cup". As it was mentioned before the seeds of the tournament are taking from the number of games played here in the website.

The players are:

1. @oruro
2. @tititogepi
3. @fish224
4. @HawaiiBlue
5. @RomanTkhoruk
6. @SirTovo
7. @vincent
8. @Rechefiltr_is_Fire
9. @Jisu101

Every round will take one week time. However, for the first round we will have 4 extra days.

Every friday will be the deadline of the rounds, so the deadline for the first round will be the friday 1st of december.


To follow all the results of the tournament, we will be using th site

The tournament consist in 9 rounds, every player will have a "bye" in one of the rounds.

To see all the tournament schedule go to:

Remember that you have to post here in this forum the schedule you agreed with your opponent and the BOX and the game you will used for the round.

As you will not be able to used the BOX again in the entire tournament you have to be sure about the BOX you choose for the round.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate tom ask in this forum or to send me a direct message.


The score of the tournament are not just for the result of the match but the points make in the entire match.

So, in every match , the 4 games have to played, even if the "virtual" winner is decided before the 4 game.

For example, even if a player virtually is winning the match 3-0 after 3 games, the fourth game has to be played since all the points are going to be taking into account.


If at the end of the tournament two of more players ended with the same score a Tie Break will be required.

For the Tie Break the selection of the Boxes will be restarted, however, the players involved will not be able to choose the same BOX they used against each other in the round match.

The time control for the tie breaks will be as follows:

Tie Break #1: The players will play a match of 4 games with a time control: 3/2.

Tie Break #2: The players will play a match of 4 games with a time control: 2/1.

Tie Break #3: The players will play a match of 4 games with a time control: 1/1.

Tie Break #4: The players will play a match of 4 games with a time control: 1/0.

If after the 4 tie break the the tied continues, the players will keep playing matches o 1/0 until a winner is decided.

In case the Boxes are all used, the boxes will be restarted taking into account that the original BOX (the one the players used on the round of the tournament) will not be able to be used again in all the Tie Break.


Please post the all the times scheduled in UTC time to avoid confusions.

If after 15 minutes after a match scheduled a player do not show up, this player will lose the match by forfeit.

The player that wants to claim the forfeit has to report the situation in real time to the tournament director (@oruro) via direct message of via this forum.

If a player consider that will not be able to complete the match before the deadline has to contact the tournament director (@oruro) and ask for an extension.


This next information is meant to clarified and try to have a better tournament for everyone:

The tournament is meant to be play ONE ROUND PER WEEK.

We understand that many of us have other preocupations, but we also reiterate that matches tend to last around 30 minutes. Given that this should not be a major impediment, we expect that people who register for the tournament will find a way to fit this into their schedules, barring extraordinary circumstances.

Some possible situations could arise during the tournament and will be treated as follows:

1. An opponent does not respond at all during the week of the round.

If after the deadline a player does not respond any message, the opponent will be declaring the winner of the match. We do ask that you let us know if you are having difficulties communicating before the end of the deadline.

2. My opponent does not receive direct messages:

In this case, let me know early on that your opponent has messaging turned off. I will do my best to contact them and resolve the issue. In the event that all efforts fail, the player that has turned off communications will be forfeited.

3. My opponent does not have time in their schedule and thus cannot play.

If a player for different reasons is not going to be able to play the match is his responsibility to inform on time to me about possible conflicts.
This information has to be sent with advance. Any petition for a match extension will be ignored if posted after the deadline.

In the event that this does not work and someone is unable to accommodate the other, the arbiters get to decide whether an extension is the proper means to address the scenario.

But by the Deadline of the Next Round scheduling the match has to be completed. If the arbiters decide that an extension will not be granted, the player that is unable to play the match will be forfeited if they do not find a way to play.

Have good tournament everyone!

I will post all the information of the "1st PlayStrategy Cup" in this forum but also in DISCORD!

If you are a participant and uses discord, it would be very useful if you join the discord chanel

If you are not a participant and wants to join, you are all very welcome!

I cannot use discord unfortunately. But I'll stay tuned in the forum :)

Ok tititogepi and Jisu101 will play Sunday 26th, 6:30 PM UTC.

tititogepi chose BOX 5: Oware
Jisu101 chose BOX 9: Atomic