"1st PlayStrategy Cup" Scheduling

@Jisu101 Dont worry, in this case Discord is just a compelement. The main comunication will be in this forum!

Thanks for posting the times and the Boxes!

Good luck and have fun!

For those that have questions about the way the "1st PlayStrategy Cup", I remind you about the FORMAT: has 35 different games divided in different families.
For the 1st PlayStrategy Cup, these games have been divided in 12 different “BOXES”.

BOX 1. GO: 19x19, 13x13, 9x9
BOX 2. Lines of Action: Lines of Action and Scramble Eggs
BOX 3. Shogi: Shogi and Minishogi
BOX 4: Xiangqi: Xiangqi and Mini Xiangqi
BOX 5: Mancala: Oware and Togyzkumalak
BOX 6: Othello and Amazons: Othello and Gran Othello, Amazons
BOX 7: Chess 1 (Classic Chess): Standard Chess, Chess960, No-Castling
BOX 8: Chess 2 (Classic Chess Variants): Three-Check, Five-Check, KotH, Antichess.
BOX 9: Chess 3 (Chess Variants): Crazyhouse, Horde, Racing Kings, Atomic
BOX 10: Draughts 1 (International variants): International, Antidraughts, Breakthrough
BOX 11: Draughts 2: Brazilian, Russian, Pool
BOX 12: Draughts 3: Frisian, Frysk, American/English, Spanish

Two different types of games are going to be play every round, every player is in charge to choose one type of game selecting one of the Boxes mentioned above. So, every round, the players will play a total of 4 games.
Note: It is possible to have the same game chosen by both players in one round.
If you choose one BOX of games in one round, then you will not be able to use this BOX again during the entire tournament, so take your time to choose the correct one according to the opponents you will have in the tournament. This will make the strategy very important on this cup.


Let’s suppose that oruro and tititogepi are paired for the first round:
The 4 games to play are to be as follows:
Two games chosen by tititogepi from one of the boxes alternating colors.
Two games chosen by oruro from one of the boxes, alternating colors.
Let’s suppose that tititogepi choose Oware (BOX 5) and oruro chose Shogi (BOX 3). So, the match will consist in four games, two of Oware and two of Shogi.
Then for the upcoming rounds tititogepi will not be able to use the BOX 5 anymore, as oruro will not be able to use the BOX 3 anymore.

And also remember that the TIME CONTROL is 5/3:

Minutes per side: 5
Increment in seconds: 3

About posting the scheduled and the result of the games!

It is important to post the sheduling times you agreed with your opponent including the BOXES (and the game) that every player chose for the round.

Once you post it, I will check that the BOXES selected by the players are possible to used (remember you cannot repeat the same Box in the tournament). If is not possible then I will let you know.

IMPORTANT: If the players dont post the information and the match is played with a BOX that has been used before, the result of the match will be declare INVALID and the match has to be rescheduled.

It is responsdability of both players to post all the information here in the forum.

The RESULT OF THE MATCH has to be post here in the forum or notify me via DM.

Thanks a lot!

HawaiiBlue => BOX3 (MiniShogi)
vincent => BOX7 (Chess960)
We will play on Wednesday, 22th of November
21h30 UTC+1

Also we will make a call using Discord just to get to know each other a bit :)

have fun everyone

@oruro #15

I just kinda love keeping track of everything lol I also keep track of what boxes people choose and can't choose anymore later (just so I can notice if it's invalid if no one else noticed). :)