Weekly Challenge 35: Full Mini Shogi Pockets

Win a game of Mini Shogi vs @PS-Greedy-Two-Move when having at least one piece of every type in your pocket at the end of the game. Fewest moves required wins.

Adjudication Criteria:
1. Fewest Moves (plys)
2. Earliest Entry
Closing Date: Monday 27th November 1200 UTC+0

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Entries for Weekly Challenge 35 has closed. Thanks to all users who participated.

The winner is @RomanTkhoruk who managed to win a game of Mini Shogi with one of each piece in hand, taking just 13 moves (25 ply) in this game: the following game:

Users are still welcome to attempt this challenge and post answers here, but the winner has been fixed. The next challenge can be found here: