Weekly Challenge 62: Speedy Coordinates

Weekly Challenge 62: Speedy Coordinates

Get the highest score on the chess coordinates training page: You can be either white or black. Please post your highest score from a single run of the training system. PlayStrategy will be able to verify that your attempt has taken place this week and is the score that you claim.

Adjudication Criteria:
1. Highest score
2. Earliest Entry
Closing Date: Monday 17th June 1200 UTC+0

After a bit of practice 20 as white - 41 looks way way off :P

33, should prob use mouse. My accuracy was waaaay off. 41+ seems absolutely doable.

I've checked all these claims and they all checkout. If myself (or another admin) marks your post with the 'PlayStrategy' reaction that means you are in the lead at the time of that post. If you get a '+1' (thumbs up) that means your claim is verified, but you were never in the lead.

So its 41 to beat!

Oh yeah I'm sure 41 is definitely doable for chess players, and especially chess blitz/bullet players :)

Andrew Tang looks like he can hit like 84 on lichess XD

I don't see myself making it to 40 even if I practice a lot :P I can try though - I can nearly average like 20 and I was starting off around 6 or so.

I would like to see people contest the 41 though :D

I did 39

41 is defenetlety a good one, while 82 by Andrew Tang is just insane!