First Chess+Backgammon Arena


First Chess+Backgammon tournament on Wednesday 24th April

PlayStrategy is excited to host the world’s first mixed chess and backgammon arena on Wednesday April 24th starting at 2000 UTC+0. This 80 minute mixed arena will consist of 20 minutes each of regular Backgammon, Chess, Nackgammon and Chess 960, all with a time control of 3 minutes plus a 10 second delay per move. It’s free and open to all:  Like other Arena formats, there will be a berserk option for each game where you choose to sacrifice the time delay but a win is worth more points. Winning streaks gain bonus points as well.

This week we are also celebrating the 100th edition of some of our other Medleys: the PlayStrategy, Chess Variants and Draughts Medleys! These are all weekly Medleys that take place each weekend, which have recently been joined by six other Medleys that are scheduled on a monthly basis. To see all of our Medleys and Shields head over to: where you can find more information about each, the formats and the past winners.