"1st PlayStrategy Cup" Registrations

Hello everyone and welcome to the “1st PlayStrategy Cup”, a tournament that is going to be held on


Registrations begins today (October 31, 2023) and will be closed on Sunday, November 19th, 2023. To register to this tournament, you just need to write in this forum or if you prefer, you could send me a direct message (@oruro).


The system of the tournament will be must likely a Round Robin tournament (could be a double round-robin depending on the number of participants).
All the details of the system will depend on the number of participants, so it will announce after the registrations are closed.
The seeding will be taken according to the total of number of games played on the website at the day of registration.

FORMAT has 35 different games divided in different families.
For the 1st PlayStrategy Cup, these games have been divided in 12 different “BOXES”.

1. GO: 19x19, 13x13, 9x9
2. Lines of Action: Lines of Action and Scramble Eggs
3. Shogi: Shogi and Minishogi
4. Xiangqi: Xiangqi and Mini Xiangqi
5. Mancala: Oware and Togyzkumalak
6. Othello and Amazons: Othello and Gran Othello, Amazons
7. Chess 1 (Classic Chess): Standard Chess, Chess960, No-Castling
8. Chess 2 (Classic Chess Variants): Three-Check, Five-Check, KotH, Antichess.
9. Chess 3 (Chess Variants): Crazyhouse, Horde, Racing Kings, Atomic
10. Draughts 1 (International variants): International, Antidraughts, Breakthrough
11. Draughts 2: Brazilian, Russian, Pool
12. Draughts 3: Frisian, Frysk, American/English, Spanish

Two different types of games are going to be play every round, every player is in charge to choose one type of game selecting one of the Boxes mentioned above. So, every round, the players will play a total of 4 games.
Note: It is possible to have the same game chosen by both players in one round.
If you choose one BOX of games in one round, then you will not be able to use this BOX again during the entire tournament, so take your time to choose the correct one according to the opponents you will have in the tournament. This will make the strategy very important on this cup.


Let’s suppose that oruro and tititogepi are paired for the first round:
The 4 games to play are to be as follows:
Two games chosen by tititogepi from one of the boxes alternating colors.
Two games chosen by oruro from one of the boxes, alternating colors.
Let’s suppose that tititogepi choose Oware (BOX 5) and oruro chose Shogi (BOX 3). So, the match will consist in four games, two of Oware and two of Shogi.
Then for the upcoming rounds tititogepi will not be able to use the BOX 5 anymore, as oruro will not be able to use the BOX 3 anymore.


At the beginning of every round, the pairings will be published in this forum, including the deadline.
The players that are paired must coordinate between them and schedule according to the times that suit them.
You and your opponent are in charge of scheduling the match. Your match must be played before the deadline UNLESS you let me know in advance that you are unavailable for all the proposed times and then an extension will be considered.
Both you and your opponent must provide via this forum or a direct message to the tournament director:

- The game selected according to the BOXES mentioned above.
- The times that you have agreed to play.

If your opponent does not receive Direct Messages or don’t answer, you should write into the forum or write direct to me.
It is the responsibility of the players to inform the tournament director the times, but specially the games chosen for the round. The tournament director will approve the games selected by the players base on the rule that the same BOX can be used just one in the tournament.
If you do not report the games chosen before the match. If for some reason the BOX of the games had been used before by the same player, the match will not count as valid and must be rescheduled. If the rescheduling gets complicated, the player that chose wrongly an already used BOX of games before in the tournament will lose the match by forfeit.
Informing via this forum or direct message to oruro is how we avoid confusion and forfeits.
If your opponent does not show up within 15 minutes of the agreed-upon time control, they will be forfeited unless they let you know beforehand that something has come up, and they will not be able to make it.


The time control will be 5 minutes and 3 second increment.
The games must be played RATED.
If you do not play the match rated, you will need to redo it and the result of the “casual” match will not be valid.


You must use only one account for the tournament and this one must be created at least one month before the start of the registrations, that means that accounts made after September 30th, 2023 cannot participate.
Abandoning the tournament or losing by forfeit many rounds will cause the elimination of the tournament and not be able to be eligible in similar events in the future.
If a player has at least one account banned for cheating, they are not allowed to join.
If you see someone in the tournament that you suspect has artificially changed their rating (or cheated), let me know (@oruro) and use the PlayStrategy report system if you consider it appropriate.
Thank you for reading! You have until 0:00 UTC on November 19th to register, after which pairings will be released and matches will begin. Feel free to DM me (@oruro). If you have questions, or better yet, join the discord at that will help us to make this tournament better for everyone.

hi Oruro, quick feedback :
I think your current privacy settings prevent users to send you DM.
Also the discord link tells me the invite link is invalid :)
Why did you place Amazons in the same pool as Othello ?

Hello @vincent

Tkanks a lot fro that and sorry about it!

Just change it, now everyone can send me a message!

Why did you place Amazons in the same pool as Othello?

This was a complicated situation.

It was eigther leave "Amazons" alone or put it with other group, finally after a lot of thinking and some opinions the desition was to put it in the Othello group!

How much TIME do I need to dedicate to play the 1st PlayStrategy Cup?

The participants will have more than a week to play each round, in which 4 games will be played. The time control is 5+3, so it is not much time invested, but a lot of fun!