Backgammon is here!

If you have any feedback for PlayStrategy's implementation of Backgammon we'd love to hear it here!

Wow! Finally Backgammon has been added! Now we can play online :) not that I play Backgammon a lot, but still :)

First of all Congratulations and thanks for another amazing game!

I think it would be great to have the change to hear the dice rolling.

I suggest allowing automatic switching when the dice don't allow moving

Hi @pergioco
Thanks for the feedback. Have you tried enabling the forced actions preference? I think this will cover the case you are looking for.

From the rules page (
> There is a preference ( which a user can set ("Play Forced Actions") to automatically play moves and end their turn if their is no choice to be made. This is a common feature on other Backgammon websites. The system does not cover the full extent of forced moves that some other Backgammon platforms offer, but it does cover a lot of obvious plays where there is no choice for the player.

We have added some improvements to backgammon ahead of the MSO tournaments tomorrow (Backgammon - (Nackgammon -
These include:
- Dice images to match the piece sets
- Dice sounds
- Replaying a game now displays the dice correctly
- The highest dice will always be on the left (even after move), and only swap when user clicks on the dice
- You can’t switch your opponent’s dice anymore
- Double the starting time for first move
- A link for the clock description on the tournament page

We are aiming to make further improvement over the coming months and support longer games of Backgammon/Nackgammon using the doubling cube.

Enjoy playing Backgammon and hope to see a few of you in the MSO tournaments!

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