Oruros League: June Backgammon Tournament!

Hey everyone,

This sounds like a fantastic idea!

I'm interested in participating in the Oruros League, especially for the first Variant of the League: Backgammon.

A match per week is definitely manageable, so I'm happy to commit to that schedule. Are you?

Let me know if there's anything else you need to know to join.

I'm curious to see how the system will work based on the number of players.

Please reply to this post if you are happy to join.

Looking forward to some Backgammon battles!

Great guys!

We need at least one more player and we are ready to begin!


Lets wait until tomorrow to see if we can get more players. Then we begin.

if would join if for a chess variant or draughts, Backgammon is not my kind of game, But good luck for everyone ))