Weekly Challenge 49: Check The Unmoved Pieces

Weekly Challenge 49: Check The Unmoved Pieces

Win a game of 3-check chess vs @PS-Greedy-Two-Move whilst moving the fewest number of pieces.

Adjudication Criteria:
1. Largest number of your own unmoved pieces on the board at the end of the game
2. Fewest moves (plies)
3. Earliest Entry
Closing Date: Monday 18th March 1200 UTC+0

This week's challenge ties in with the 3-check MSO event that takes place this Friday:

14 unmoved pieces and 7 moves.

Probably is would be better to try this Challenge against Stockfish. I also think that a good criteria would be not to move the Queen. Just my opinion... :)

yeah 14 pieces unmoved 7 moves is almost literally the best you can possibly get, 15 pieces unmoved (only one knight can move...) seems very unrealistic. Maybe playing as black can help? Could 6 moves be plausible when playing black, right?