Medley Shield Tournaments


PlayStrategy are starting three weekly series of Medley tournaments

Following the launch of our Medley tournament format, and the end of the Mind Sports Olympiad's Grand Prix event, PlayStrategy is starting up a regular series of tournaments: Medley Shields.

There will be three Medley Shields to win that will run on a regular weekly schedule:

  • PlayStrategy Medley - Sundays 1900 UTC Seven rounds with one game from each of the seven Game Families picked: Chess, Draughts, Othello, Lines Of Action, Mancala, Shogi, Xiangqi.
  • Chess Variants Medley - Saturdays 1900 UTC Five micro-match rounds (each pairing plays twice, once each as the start player). Five from the following seven chess variants will be picked: 3-check, Antichess, Atomic, Crazyhouse, Horde, King of the Hill, Racing Kings.
  • Draughts Medley - Saturdays 1400 UTC Seven rounds where seven from the following eight Draughts variants will be picked: International, Antidraughts, Breakthrough, Frisian, Frysk, Brazilian, Pool, Russian.

Winning a shield tournament gets the shield trophy on your profile for a week and adds you to the shield roll of honour. However someone else can win the shield for their profile the following week, unless you can defend it!

Click the links to find the first in each series which begin on the weekend of 11th/12th June!