Weekly Challenge 48: Backgammon The Bot

Weekly Challenge 48: Backgammon The Bot

Win a game of Backgammon vs @PS-Greedy-One-Move by 'Backgammon'. To win by Backgammon the opponent must have not scored any points and have a piece in your home or on the bar. To be eligible, the result will say 'Backgammon win White/Black is victorious'.

Adjudication Criteria:
1. Fewest turns (not counting the random first turn which may be skipped)
2. Highest pip score for the bot (shown in the middle of the board)
3. Earliest Entry

This week's challenge ties in with the Backgammon MSO event that takes place this Saturday:

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That's correct @shinuito!
The random first move thing refers to the fact that no particular colour starts a game of Backgammon but it is randomly decided. However if black is to go first then we skip the first turn of white with a '...' in the notation. This didn't happen in your game but if it did it shouldn't count towards the turn count.

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