Weekly Challenges


Can you win one of our Weekly Challenges?

PlayStrategy are launching a weekly challenge series! Each week, on a Monday at 1200 UTC+0 there will be a new challenge set in the 'Weekly Challenge' subforum by PlayStrategy. Users wishing to participate need to complete the challenge within a week and post their entry to the challenge on the forum thread. After 7 days, the challenge will close and a winner will be announced. We're excited to launch this and so the first challenge is already up and available to play here.

The challenges will involve different areas of the site and will feature many of the different games/variants that are available on PlayStrategy. Each challenge will clearly state what needs to be done and what the criteria is for winning. Players can attempt the challenge as many times as they like.

Most of the challenges are designed so that it isn't a race to complete the challenge. Many challenges will be completable for most users, but it will be all about who can do the challenge the best! Some skill and/or puzzle solving will be needed - completing the challenge first won't necessarily win you the challenge! However in the case of a tie, the earliest entry will win the challenge. As the challenges will be set in the forum, other users are welcome to set up their own challenges in their own forum threads! It will be down to the post creator to adjudicate their own challenge.

We'll keep a log of all of the official PlayStrategy weekly challenges and winners here:

#53 Castling Checkmate

#52 Checkmate By Pawn Drop @oruro & @lupo_wolf

#51 Eggs On The Side @e-pluszak

#50 Forbidden Dragon @lupo_wolf

#49 Check The Unmoved Pieces @e-pluszak

#48 Backgammon The Bot @shinuito

#47 Amazons Squared @shinuito

#46 Blown Out @Serafim

#45 The Fewest Pebbles @Rechefiltr_is_Fire

#44 Frozen By The Horde @Antishish

#43 Steady Eddy @oruro

#42 Mini Crazy Domination @oruro

#41 Friendly Lines @e-pluszak

#40 Speed Demon @e-pluszak

#39 Clumsy Xiangqi Master @RomanTkhoruk

#38 The Final Kings @SirTovo

#37 Defend The Hill @QueenEatingDragon

#36 Amazon Chain @shinuito

#35 Full Mini Shogi Pockets @RomanTkhoruk

#34 Checkmate vs 3-check @oruro

#33 In The Middle Of The Action @e-pluszak

#32 Swift Xiangqi Stalemate @M_DinhHoangViet

#31 Big Oware Finish @M_DinhHoangViet

#30 Sidelined Amazons @shinuito

#29 One Sided Crazyhouse @philhuhn_strategie

#28 Go without captures @shinuito

#27 Swift Shogi Stalemate @shinuito

#26 Draw the Lines @e-pluszak

#25 Promotion Triumph @e-pluszak

#24 Amazon Void @shinuito

#23 Highest ACPL But Still Winning @e-pluszak

#22 Cannon Launch @Vladimir

#21 Connecting Sides @e-pluszak

#20 Fast Five Check @e-pluszak

#19 Two Years of Games @SirTovo

#18 Backed Into An Othello Corner @Lovebird_Chess

#17 Racing in Reverse Gear @SirTovo

#16 All The Eggs In One Basket @e-pluszak

#15 Mass Explosion @e-pluszak

#14 Lined up Amazons @shinuito

#13 Crazyhouse Full Pockets @shinuito

#12 Tuzdik refusal @shinuito

#11 Horde of Pawns @shinuito

#10 Pass Panic @shinuito

#9 King Vision @shinuito

#8 Lines of Difference @shinuito

#7 King of the Square @CVirus

#6 Sewing Stand Off @statmatt

#5 Biggest Capture Chain @HawaiiBlue

#4 Shogi Full Pockets @komacchin

#3 Biggest Othello Score @shinuito

#2 Antidomination @SirTovo

#1 Amazons Handicap @shinuito